ABS CBN Show FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Season 2 Full Story

The second season of the television series ABS-CBN TV in the Philippines will be held on October 3, 2016 at the ABS-CBN Bida nighttime prime time and the Philippine channel and will end on May 16, 24, 2017. The Coco Martini SPO2 ensemble Ricardo Daliche, Susan Roques, Arjo Ataydé, Albert Martinez, Agot Isidro, Jaime Fabregas and Eddie Garcia took part in the series.The second season, Ang Probinsyano, was looking for Cardo’s to define the death of his brother Ador. In an effort to find justice, Cardo revealed the criminal kingdom of Tuazons, and during the trial he realized that he was involved in the death of his father, brother and daughter-in-law.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Season 2 WOW Pinoy Channel

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Season 2 WOW Pinoy Channel Arjo Atayde’s father, Thomas Tuazon (Albert Martinez), took over as Cardo’s drug counterpart (Coco Martin). Emilio Syquia (Eddie Garcia), master of Thomas, was tired because Thomas organized a drug addict syndicate and organized the murder of Cardo Thomas. Finally, Thomas was arrested for drug abuse.To answer, Joaquin and Don Emilio founded that Cardo has a possession of drugs. Cardo and Thomas remain in prison and are constantly involved in the conflict to ensure maximum security. It was difficult when Don Emilio Cardo discovered that Thomas had killed Cardo’s former sister, Carmen (Bella Padilla). When Thomas was about to escape from prison, Cardo killed him.

ABS CBN Show FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Season 2 Full Story

Thomas Joaquin and Rogelio Jacob (Rez Cortez) after the death of the general, they hired the ruthless director of calibration office Dindo Arroy. Cardo Acosta (Acosta Cardo) makes life more difficult, while the salary of prison life. Cardo shows Jailbreak decided to remove his name. He continues to pursue the syndicate responsible for his wrong.To this end, I joined Miguel in an alliance called “Miguel” as part of the drug consortium “Romano Joaquin” “Reko”, “Lazaro”, manager “Ramil Tadurana” (Michael de Mesa) and Julian Valerio (Julio Diaz).

The organization FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Season 2 WOW Pinoy Channel continues to threaten families and has many connections in society, including the police and the government. Although Cardo was not aware of this, the union that created him was the same syndicate responsible for the death of relatives, including Ador.

Don Emilio was arrested by Cardo and convicted of murdering Father Cardo. SPO4 Pablo de Leon (Tanton Gutierrez). Cardo and his union in prison canceled the drug consortium Recio’s, and after the capitulation, Cardo was convicted after Joaquin was removed from office for a crime.Cardo obtained evidence that Colonel Art Akuña had previously been convicted, including testimony that he secretly worked for Joaquín. Joaquin was accused of playing for Ador’s killer, a consortium for drugs and accused of human trafficking.Cardo interrupts his marriage with Alyana (Yassi Pressman), kills Joaquin and eventually avenges the death of the twins.

Thomas finally filled the subject with dunk, he said. To work and manage Jokken, Emileo recommends that you use drugs that violate the law for detention. Most of the security forces and the prisoners of Thomas were overheard, but the question of the murder of Thomas Germany could be discussed, even if it was his first sister. Thomas Chains died when he tried to escape.

According to agent Thomas, the market-occupant, arms Joke Rogelio and Jacob (Reed Cage) is the more important leader of public transport, Gulermo Dara Acosta (Dindo Arroyo). The economic situation for the life of Acosta in this situation is better when she is associated with Cardo’s Bond. This determines innocence.And the one who lives in his curriculum and catches the cadet who follows the pattern. Administrator Ramil Taduran and Julian Valerio (Julio Diaz) joined Miguel (Michael’s outsourcing), one of Rome’s clients, manager.

City architect (Ronny Lazaro) can joke with friends.Another reason why clubs are more than families is: they have many associations and give judges power, strength and power. Based on this profession, a friend takes responsibility as a guardian of the people around him, and Ador is especially responsible for taking care of them and reading the family. Paul B.D. Leon (Tonton Gutierrez Bai). Fishing and text links bring massage and tissue partners and, after firing weapons, cause serious injuries to Jokken. Colonel Roy Carreon jokes like a joke and participates in the Declaration of Evolution (owned by Akuña). This Saturnian Killer arrives at Adora in Joaqin and passes through drugs with people.