Ang Probinsyano (season 4) Filipino TV series By ABS-CBN

The Filipino TV series ABS-CBN about the fourth season of Ang Probignano will be announced on November 8, 2017 on ABS-CBN Nighttime Primetime Bida and the Philippine channel and will end on March 91, 2018. The series consists of Coco Martin in the role of SPO2 Ricardo Daliche, the ensemble of Susan Rock, Jaime Fabregas, Angel Akino, John Arcilla, Jhong Hilario, John Prats, Sid Lucero, Mitch Valdes, Eddie Garcia and Lito Lapid.

Ang Probinsyano completed his fourth season in the mid-term elections in the Philippines. Senator Mateo F. De Silva and Renato Hipolito won the election to win a seat in the Senate and win. He served as president of the Philippines.

Ang Probinsyano (season 4) Filipino TV series By ABS-CBN

De Silva and Hipolito brutally harassed the remnants of Cardo and Pulang Araw to ask the voters. De Silva financed the campaign through drug trafficking with the help of a new ally, Don Emilio Syquia. Karzai formed a Venditt group to fight corruption in the Philippines with members of Pulang Arava and allies in prison. As the elections approached, De Silva and Hypolito continued to use the name Vendett through Lewis “Bueya” Mangubat and Homer “Alakdan” Adlawan Kamandag. He committed acts of accusation by every terrorist. Alanna’s marriage is under investigation everywhere because her new president, Marco Cabrera, has been pursuing her Pinoy Tambayan Ako .

Ang Probinsyano (season 4) Filipino TV series By ABS-CBN

They later moved to Manila with the help of Engelbert “Bert” Moreno, nicknamed Pulang Araw and his family Dag (Rico J. Puno) (Council). Reggie (Angeline Quinto), daughter of Bert, became angry when Cardo recognized his brother Banjo (Eric Fructuoso) as an officer of CIDG.Senator Silva turned out to be a drug dealer and donated money to Don Emilio  for the final condemnation of the Silva’s Empire. De Silva joins the hunt for Pulang Ara and reaches the Hipolito rating. He looked up to appoint the president of the Philippines Ang Probinsyano wowpinoychannel.

They later moved to Manila with the help of Engelbert “Bert” Moreno, nicknamed Pulang Aara and his family Dag (Rico J. Puno) (Council). Reggie (Angeline Quinto), daughter of Bert, became angry when Cardo recognized his brother Banjo (Eric Fructuoso) as an officer of CIDG.

Later, after he refused to betray the place of Ang Probinsyano wowpinoychannel Pulang Ara, he was killed by Silva supporters. His family was rescued by Pulang Ara, and it turned out that Senator de Silva’s was implicated in the attack on Bert’s family. Regine and his brother Bruno (Janno Gibbs) joined Pulang Araw.

Don Emilio Cardo, who visited the grave of his deceased son, was abducted and tortured on the desert island of Isla Muerte (unhappy death). Some of Ramil and Cardo’s friends faced Cardo’s difficulties and planned to save him. After arriving on the island, Cardo was saved, but two friends, Julian Diaz and Jeric Rawal, were killed. In the next shootout, Cardo shot Bucor Director Ladronio, one of those who helped Don Emilio torture him.

Together with the Cardo Prison Alliance and the surviving members of Pulang Araw Cardo, he founded a vigilante group called Vendetta. They suspended the work of two drug labs, and no one lived. But Bruno was arrested by an unknown person, and Vendetta caused his death because he could not save him. His mother Dulce (Irma Adlawan) blamed Vendetta for her death.Vendetta found a new enemy on the market Jethro Garrido (Bernard Palanca), who sold drugs to students. Some of them sold drugs. Mayor Garrido gave a concert to motivate students to stop taking medicine. Vendetta found the planned concert, and Cardo prepared for her. They won the group struggle and were met by the mayor Garrido.

This is a group that wants to get rid of them without realizing it. After he gave them medicine, he appeared on the Garrido market and caused a shootout. Then Cardo killed Mayor Garrido.Cardo acknowledged his shortcomings before his wife after a successful drug operation. He did not know that Alanya was almost abducted by the people of Emilio and Silva. When Alanyna was abducted, his office manager Marco Cabrera (J. Santos) just arrived to save him from the kidnappers.

Then Alana left Cardo. Cardo still decides to marry Alan. General Diana Olegario (Angel Aquino) wants to talk to Cardo, so he plans to meet Cardo on the bridge. Without this, Major Catindig knew about the plan, but did not know that it was Cardo. When Diana was looking for Cardo on the bridge, Manolo and his men found him and cornered him. They could have shot Diana, but they didn’t know that Cardo was hiding. Cardo saved Diana and took her to the shelter of Bendatha.

General Olegario wanted to return to NMIG, because he had a break. When he returned home, Diana grabbed people. Vendetta came to save Olegario in advance. When he was brought to headquarters, he chose Vandetta when he saw the opportunity to get justice for his son. Plans for Silva and Buwaya’s to detonate bombs during the festival, kill Silva and kill Don Emilio. They saw coach Hipolito and Kamandaga when the devaluation took care of them. Meanwhile, Alanya Marcos moved forward and began to mess with her, especially with her aunt, Matet De Leon.