Will Tyra Banks, Catriona Gray do ‘lava walk’ together?

Manila – supermodel Tyra Banks “thinks” about Miss Walk 2018 Catriona Gray and seems ready to compete to understand these considerations. “I can’t stop thinking about it.

On Friday, the moderator and producer of the “American model of the next generation” accidentally shrugged his shoulders. “I can’t help but think about it.

Miss Universe saw its position and said: “We are delighted to meet with @catrionaelisa

For the first time, Banks praised Gray for her early press conference in the Universe, when viewers were impressed by the beauty of Bicolana with “Tornado” and “Pinoy Power to max !!!”. Banks said about the miracle immediately after the Miss Universe swimsuit.
Will Tyra Banks, Catriona Gray do 'lava walk' together?

Famous American supermodels for the open-mindedness and criticism of models participating in a realistic competition were praised by the Philippines immediately after the new Miss Universe. You agreed, he said.