Ang Probinsyano ABS-CBN Show 5th Season Philippine Drama Series

The fifth season of the television television series “ABS-CBN” Ang Probinsyano took place in the March Bida night block in the ABS-CBN prime time on March 15, 2018 worldwide in the Philippine channel. In the series Coco Martin as SPO2, Ricardo Dalisay and the player.Marco (J.C. Santos) officially provides Alyana (Yassi Pressman) to other members of the Cabrera product line. Marco’s stepbrother, Mark Anthony Fernandez, maintains a relationship between them.

Philippine Vice President Lucas Cabrera (Edu Manzano), on the other hand, was concerned about how his relationship with his son Alyana would affect his candidacy in the next election. His wife, the second woman, Catherine Cabrera (Alice Dixson), took Alanya to stop the attack of Marco. Cardo (Coco Martin) continued to demand Alanya, but in the end he accused Alanya of returning her wedding ring to Cardo.

Ang Probinsyano ABS-CBN Show 5th Season Philippine Drama Series

General Olegario (Angel Aquino) turned for help to General Jaime Fabregas, despite opposition from Leto Lapid, Ramil (Michael de Mesa) and Cardo. His secretary, James (J.G. Gonzaga), unknown to General Olegario, was shocked by Major Katinig (Sid Lucero). Catindig orders that coach Hipolito (John Archill) Jhong Hilario defeat Vendetta.

Ang Probinsyano ABS-CBN Show 5th Season Philippine Drama Series

Vendetta withstood the attack in the shelter, but withstood the attack at the expense of the victim Kalabaw (Ray Solo) and Jimboy (Jason Heinza) for the escape. During the attack, Polito had the opportunity to personally remove Romero Road and raise his profile again. However, Romulo was injured and was immediately hospitalized by CIDG to survive the crisis. But Hipolito looked at CIDG Romulo, and Vendetta had to fight Romulo to avoid the capture of coach Hipolito.

When Alyana decided to visit Lola Flora and her family, Marco refused her decision, thinking that he was going to the Cardo family. They are trying to leave Alyana, but Marco’s cruel behavior is unknown.

Cardo met Nurse Andre Andy B. Collins (Jesse Mendiolla) when he was in the position of a doctor to save Romulo from the hospital while being guarded by Guitolito’s guards. He also worked in the hospital. If Romulo was not available in the first rescue attempt, Andy Stephen Bangloe’s brother (Nico Manallo) finally talked about what happened to his mother, who shook him.

Vendetta managed to get Andy Rebecca’s mother Becky Balarau and other merchants led by Gibson (Andy Lunts) on a yacht called “Bunga” (Katya Santos). The pleasure of foreigners. Meanwhile, despite the fact that he did not agree with his father and brother, Marco forced Alanya to marry without his will and threatened suicide, demonstrating his cruel behavior.

After rescuing another host, Becky and Blossom, Tagetes (Jaycee Parker), Gwen Garci, Rose (Maui Taylor) and Dalia (Zara Lopez) Andy decided to work with Vendetta to save Romulo in the hospital. Brother Peng, his mother Becky and the owner. Romulo hospital was visited by Philippine President Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago), who wanted to find answers to the corruption of Hypolito.

Ang Probinsyano WOW Pinoy Channel

He told Romulo about everything that had happened Pinoy Tambayan Tv Channel, and began to interfere in the affairs of the government. When doctors told Lucas, Brandon, and Catherine that Marco was okay in a traffic accident, Marco said that he wanted to marry Allan Ang Probinsyano WOW Pinoy Channel, although he had not been canceled. Lucas and Brandon want to stop Marco’s marriage. When Lucas found another way to stop this madness by sending a file to take his wife home to the Ministry of the Interior.Arco from the hospital was happy and focused with him. But he was angry when his doctor told him that his treatment was over, and Aliya witnessed his cruel behavior.

When asked about their rescue strategy, Romulo was stopped by his people, who attacked innocent people, including the hospital administration, to kill Catindig and Romulo Ang Probinsyano WOW Pinoy Channel. Vendetta knew Andy was in danger, and she had to attack the Catindig group in order to save him. Vendetta removed most of Katindig’s people from Cardo’s infiltration and saved Romulo and Andy from Catindig and his people. They were completely destroyed in the hospital. They fulfilled their mission.