Ang Probinsyano FPJ Productions by ABS CBN Season 6th

The sixth season of the British TV series ABS-CBN began on September 24, 2018 in the night block ABS-CBN Primetime Bida and was released worldwide in the Philippine Channel follow. Star series Coco Martinas SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay with cast.

Vendetta eventually defeated Cardo (Coco Martin) and Vendetta, while Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago) earned the trust by another assassination attempt against his life with Hidalgo. Hidalgo recognized the true colors of his alleged political allies and decided to restore the presidency to Edu Manzano, who was illegally stolen.

Ang Probinsyano FPJ Productions by ABS CBN Season 6th

Jaime Fabregas was illegally arrested before questioning the situation in Vendetta, and they had a party with Lucas and Brandon Cabrera at PNP headquarters. One of Lucas’s alliances, Albert Fernandez (Franco Laurel), joined Lucas, who was elected vice-president of the TNG head. Aleimandro Cruz was very upset by the negative view of Renato Hipolito (John Arcilla).

Oscar Cardo told them that the deterioration of the Philippine government caused by the corruption of Lucas and his government made them move. Therefore, Jerome Cardo quickly explained what happened to his grandfather when he learned that Billy was not in the camp, but that he was tortured and tortured by terrorists and his gangs by mistake Vendetta. Oscar knows that his actions are illegal. Cardo decides to save his grandfather from both hands, fearing to threaten the grandfather from his family, and Terante knew where was Borja.

Terante and his convoy were beaten by Vendetta when Cardo killed Terante in the chest, despite the murder of one of the reporters who threatened to discuss Cardo’s position with one of the torture groups and terrorists Borants. He uses the police as a bodyguard. Terante was shown to a defensive group.

Ang Probinsyano FPJ Productions by ABS CBN Season 6th

As soon as Cardo saved his grandfather from his claws, Ang Probinsyano WOW Pinoy Channel Terante Jobert was too weak to hold Austria hostage, and threatened Alyana (Yassi Pressman) and Bubbles (Bianca Manalo) with weapons. Because of the stupidity of Wangbu, he was killed by Terante. When Cardo rescued his grandfather and saw that the king was seriously injured as a result of his escape from the Terants, General Borja congratulated John Prats, Rigor(Marc Solis) and Olegario (Angel Aquino) and Oscar, who recognized him as the President of the Philippines.

Before Karda and his group, along with Mark Vargas (Lester Llansang) and Francisco Chikoy Rivera (Michael Roy Jornales), rescued the boss, not knowing that the new CEO Korda was imprisoned for Borja’s loyalty.

Returning home to heal the King’s wounds, Dolphin called his sister a safe place. Terante sarcastically said that he could not work in the hospital, but it was almost a contradiction if Cabrera did not intervene.

The first clash killed Robert Arevalo, Marissa Delgado, Marie Delgado and their parents for breakfast, and Cardo and his colleagues shot them as they tried to escape. Police, Bubbles, Anton, Patrick and Diana were tortured. They went to the hospital to order a police car and treat them. Terrance and Brandon went to kill everyone, but Vendeta was unable to successfully complete his mission, and 17 police officers were killed before the police.Ang Probinsyano WOW Pinoy Channel Then Terante will be angry with Cabreras, and Hipolito will pay for the offer.

Teddy , on the other hand, asked a police officer who was not committed to Lucas to help rescue Virgie, JP. and other prisoners. Then they detained Pantig and reported to Teddy. Then Teddy crossed him and shot one of the guards. JP then took his father to where Virgie was and let him go Ang Probinsyano WOW Pinoy Channel.

As a result, the police broke into the compound and freed other prisoners, including Margie. Lucas, Brandon and Hernandez have come to realize innovative facts. Police took Teddy and his family to an animal shelter for adoption. They then stand next to the people of Lucas and kill the police to help Teddy. Fortunately, Teddy and his family escaped the army of Lucas

.When Amor was in Manila, Gustavo sent Gascon to Manila to give him the Hipolito P50M and take care of Amor. Even Snooki (Sarah Jane Abad) was with him. Ninjo, Romulo asks Diana for a hand and asks the supplier for help. They loaned horses to walk before Romulo Diana suggested it. Finally, Romulo led Diana to the hill and gave her to him.