Asawa Ko Karibal Ko (2018) GMA Pinoy Tv Show

GMA Asawa Ko, the new Pinoy television program of Karibal Co., was first published a month ago on October 24, 2018. When the pilot episode comes out, everyone has their own opinion. I like the most, but I don’t like the ideas of Pinoy Asawa Ko and Karibal Ko. At the end of the event, they liked the idea of ​​Pinoy TV Asawa Ko Karibal Co., found by the other creators of the Pinoy network on October 24

Rachel meets gay Nathan. Nathan later marries for family reasons. Suddenly Nathan was arrested for his death in violation of the law, and then he was transferred to another person as a result of sexual intercourse. A few years later, Rachel met Gavin and threw her body behind. Gavin has a wife, Venus, who can meet Rachel as her husband. What happens if the person you love the most is the person who hurts you the most? Cereals, Asahiko, Carrie Foot. Very talented actress Kauai Chris Bernal plays Rachel. This is a dream of a beautiful, simple and happy family. Rachel met Nathan, a smart businessman in politics.

Asawa Ko Karibal Ko (2018) GMA Pinoy Tv Show

Nathan married Rachel, a nervous conservative family, but was not satisfied and caught in a trap. I found a way to deceive my own death, because I know that sadness is always cancer. The truth is that he went abroad and brought his daughter. He really surrounds women, changes sex and feminizes their faces. He left, not knowing that Rachel had conceived her second child. After the death of Nathan, Rachel went home. A few years later, Rachel met Balikbayan Gavin. He looks good when Capuso returns to his first drama series on the Internet. Asawa Ko Karibal Ko Pinoy Channel His eyes were happy when Rachel immediately fell in love with him, but he knew that he was busy with a mysterious and beautiful woman named Venus, who ruined his life (Tolentino). Venus was a pregnant woman.

Asawa Ko Karibal Ko (2018) GMA Pinoy Tv Show

My ex-husband and wife are currently fighting for the love of the same person. This is an interesting and fun premise for Asawa Ko and Karibal Co, who are important figures in Rachel’s life. Lotto de Leon Lupita Santiago, my beloved mother, I love Nathan.

Marc Santiago meets her trust with Rachel’s sister, Seron. In the analysis, my friend Rachel Tina Santos Nathan has a relationship. Nicole Bravan, Capri Cayetano, daughter Rachel and Nathan.Asawa Ko Karibal Ko Pinoy Channel Joining them is an important feature of Nathan / Venus: Jean Sagrette and Nathan’s mother. Veronica Bravan creates a strong personality. Lorenzo Bravante,Veronica’s husband, Ricardo Chepeda, should marry his son Nathan. Marikris Garcia – the only person who knows the secret is brother Alison Bravan Nathan. When Nathan was a “lover,” he learned that Daniel Lindberg and fil-am were interrupted by Mathias Road, and Nathan was married. Phil Noble, Chris Mom, senior chef, who became Nathan’s trusted man.

According to a television viewer survey in Nielsen, Philippines, television companies accounted for 6.6% of the pilot episodes of Asaw Ko Karibal Co.

Asawa Co., Karibal Co. has many famous names, an interesting and familiar story. Now the task of this show is to stay in the stands from Monday to Saturday. This is not an easy task, especially on Saturday, because your opponent is “This is a show.” However, GMA hopes to provide more than twice the “Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko” and chew. If not, it is not surprising to see a drop in the GMA series and try new strategies every Saturday.