ABS-CBN Halik is Philippine Tv series in 2018

Halik is a Philippine drama series in 2018 with Jericho Rosales, Yen Santos, Sam Milby and The Concepcion Watch. The event was announced worldwide via the Primetime Bida ABS-CBN nightly block and the Philippine channel on August 13, 2018.

Halik follows the story of married couples who were overshadowed by temptation, dissatisfaction, misunderstanding and other relationships. Through mutual loyalty and deep friendship with other families, torn apart by a vengeful person, and breaking promises and betrayals, along with a cruel distortion of fate.

ABS-CBN Halik is Philippine Tv series in 2018

Jacky is the successor to Montecorp Furniture, a well-known furniture factory in the Philippines and Asia. He is the only daughter of Mauro and Loida Montefalco (Precious Lara Quigaman), a prominent member of the society of the Homeland of Montecorp. Jackie learned early that she was not the born son of a man whom she considered to be the father, but she missed the adoption.

Mauro Montefalco (Romtenik Sarmenta) is an arrogant and cruel man who kills his wife’s lover and raises his daughter as a legitimate child. Until now, his kindness has disappeared. Because he was so cruel and took his daughter. Despite the fact that he was still present to save his face, he did not like his daughter, and he wanted to piss off Bartolome’s family and kidnap him.

ABS-CBN Halik is Philippine Tv series in 2018

Agustin “Gustin” Bartolome (Allan Paule) – a talented furniture designer, whose work was praised by the brand Montefalco. Agustin Lloyd met his lover Robert Oliva. Loida is the wife of the cruel and dominant Mauro. The couple fell in love. Roider tried to take her husband to Robert, but was killed by Mauro. Jacky is the fruit of their relationship.

Lino and Jacky’s lives came together again when their wives Jade and Ace intervened in their confusion. Meanwhile, Jackie’s mother died because of her own performance, which she did not want to believe. Pinoy Channel In fact, Jacky’s suspicions do not indicate that Mauro shot Loida. Mauro seduced the coroner to fake the results of the coroner.

Loida leaves her farewell letter and changes her mind when she finds out that she cannot help her daughter when she leaves. A few days before the planned suicide, Lino and her family lost their portrait of Gustin. Halik WOW Pinoy Channel And a few years after he advised his daughter to play with his father, he allowed Jacky to destroy his dominant father.

Jacky was puzzled by her mother’s suicide. However, because of her death, Jackie had a large share in Montecorp and became an important word in conference rooms and companies. This gave Jacky the freedom to leave his father, without sacrificing his ownership of the business. This is a free resource that Jackie uses to fight for the right things and protect his workers and employees from the false exploitation of his father. But it is not easy.Halik WOW Pinoy Channel They continued to monitor their problems with their employees, and Ace and his corps gathered new investors with terrifying plans, such as the Bartolome and Dos Disenyos case, the destruction of Mauro and Jacky.

Jacky and Lino, on the other hand, saw the most difficult test in their marriage. The fateful discovery of her husband’s case far exceeded the inner one. Jacky uses what he has in business to stop his father’s plan. He was crushed by ace’s betrayal and broken into pieces. He learns to fight and beat ace. Renault also struggled with the sincere conviction that legal means and truth would lead a father’s death to justice. Completely destroyed by Jade’s treason, Lino struggled to overcome his feelings for himself and focused on revealing the truth. The case of his wife and the death of his father.