Dolce Amore ABS CBN Most Popular and Romantic Drama Series 2016

Dolce Amore is a series of romantic dramas of 2016, filmed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, Cathy García-Molina and Richard Arelano, starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. The program was broadcast on the Philippine channels on behalf of the night blocks ABS-CBN Primetime Bida and Pangako Sa ‘Yo from February 15, 2016 to August 26, 2016. I was replaced Till I met you.

Serena (Liza Soberano) is a young, beautiful Filipina, adopted by her rich father and mother since childhood. He fled to the Philippines in an agreed marriage. He heard several stories from guardians in the Philippines and was fascinated because he heard stories from his friends in the Philippines. , A. There he met his family Tenten(Enrique Gil) and fell in love. Tenno was a poor, hardworking receptionist and had to be informed about his family.

Dolce Amore ABS CBN Most Popular and Romantic Drama Series 2016

This story tells about the lives of two orphans Serena and Simon, who live in the world. Forget about pure Italian and Filipino culture. Although he grew up in a wealthy family, he did not want to believe that he was better than others. He eats with the servants, communicates with other children, and eats ordinary food.

Dolce Amore ABS CBN Most Popular and Romantic Drama Series 2016

Serena’s only luxury is to read the story of a sad princess and an ordinary person who will change every day Dolce Amore Pinoy Channel. One day, Serena understands the truth about the past. He cried when he realized that he was just raising a daughter. His desire for parents gradually disappeared when his dear audience pushed him away.

Simon, on the other hand, is an orphan who wants to find a partner who loves him. As you get older, the ability to find a suitable family becomes harder and harder. But one day he expected a good couple to return home.

Simon’s life in the shelter was simpler than among the people who lived with him, especially the ordinary housewife, whom he considered a mother. The princess will meet an ordinary person who dreams.

I was fascinated by the story of the first episode of Sweet Start only in the first week of testing. According to, “the new telenovela LizQuen usually does not look like a telenovela. This is a good thing”. They also added: “We saw the first episode to see if this series could play an eternal role in our minds, and we are not disappointed.”

When the story collapses. Nestor W. Torre of the Philippine Daily Inquire had a positive and negative impact on the main players. Cherie Gil: “When I play with non-Filipinos, I too often stumble and confuse other stars, but the restoration of relations between Italian foster mother Lisa Collected and Dolce Amore Pinoy Channel Cherry is more convincing.” Liza’s father, Ruben Maria Soriques, “expects to be able to see him again on the local screen after the show, because it’s more than just a random event.” The young actor succeeded, and the character Matteo was very annoying and shocking. The series turned out to be more than in the “third leg”.

After the success of Forevermore, Lisa Soberano and Enrique Gill were assembled a year later. Including rapper Andrew E., he debuts in ABS-CBN. Edgar Mortis will return to the actor almost ten years after his last performance. The event was filmed in the Philippines and in Italy. Filming in Italy began in early December 2015 Dolce Amore Pinoy Channel. The actor went to Rome and starred on stage. Filipino-Italian actor Ruben Maria Soriquiz, who plays Roberto Marchesa, should help actors in their language.

Manila – Lisa Soberbano and Enrique Gill will appear on television soon, and the actresses cannot wait for the fans to see what they have done in the past few weeks. On Sunday, Soberano said that bringing Dolce Amor to Italy was a completely new experience with which he had so much fun.