iBilib GMA Philippine television show

iBilib is a Philippine GMA television broadcast. The premiere took place on January 29, 2012 under the direction of Chris Tiu and Moymoy Palaboy.

This exhibition includes scientific experiments and explores many scientific facts and theories related to the magical events of everyday life, as the Japanese writer showed Wonder of Horus shows.

iBilib GMA Philippine television show

This program will reveal many strange and interesting curiosities in the scientific world. Four hosts are ready to participate and participate in a real experiment. You can enjoy the fun and enjoy the camera. However, at the end of each episode, the instructions will be posted on our guide website, so we encourage viewers to conduct experiments at home so that they do not stop learning. There are also divisions and problems of Moyma Palaba. All mistresses demonstrate spider nests, such as Heaven Evangelista, including Lucy Heartfillia, Mika Hatsune and others.

iBilib GMA Philippine television show

IBilib, sponsored by television, sports and various youth icons, Chris Tiu and Kapuso-Isabel Daza, miraculously presents a scientific experiment presented on the horizon of a Japanese show. There is a comedic couple Moyma Palaboy in a routine event. Four of them are ready to participate in a real experiment, not deceiving the camera, so that they can learn to have fun and fun. You need to know how to walk on water without getting wet, or how PVC pipes in the air can inflate plastic decorations!

Our own inventors were exhibited at exhibitions to increase public interest in science, as well as experiments, instruments and innovations. GMA-7 Amazing stories.

According to the AGB Nielsen Philippines budget Mega Manila estimate, the iBilib Pinoy Channel pilot episode received 19%.

The second season of the show is now called “Is it possible” and covers a lot. And the third season is about “Curious” that features the discovery in the area of sciences.

One of the experiment is given below


The main material of this project is the ability to make matches, matches, metal surfaces and cold metals. If the faucet is not too cold, another option is to cool the metal pan or put it on an ice plate.

Perform Smoke Magic Trick

Cut on the side of the string in the matchbox. Cut the paper around the attacker, fold the attacker in half, and push both sides of the line against each other. Do not bend the folded firing pin in a cold faucet or cold metal pan. Use the match to light the attacker. Both ends are included. Then play the folded attacker. It will not be burned to the ground. Find a flamethrower. Brown leftovers are stored in taps or metal pots. Swipe your finger.

Gently rub your fingers and fingers. When you do it in the dark, your fingers glow green.iBilib Pinoy Channel It is very cool.

Tips for success

Wash your hands and do not smoke. This method may include toxic white phosphorus, absorbed through the skin. If possible, it is easier to block the attacker. You can use a match in a box, but, of course, it is not easy.

How is your smoking fingers Trick works

Do you want to know the science behind this technique? Usually smoke evaporates with white phosphorus. And this is how it works: phosphorus is a chemical element that can take various forms, called allotropes. Type malefactor mastbox red. When the tube is burned, the phosphorus evaporates and condenses into the hard surface of the cold metal. It is white. The element does not change only the structural arrangement of the atom.iBilib Pinoy Channel The friction of his fingers generates enough heat from friction to evaporate phosphorus.

The actor’s trick is a popular science demonstration at school. This is no longer associated with concerns about a person’s risk, but the number of people is less, if not overcome. Red phosphorus is an important element of human life, but white phosphorus can cause chemical burns and affect bones. Be careful not to breathe thin disposable gloves to reduce exposure.